Circular Dome Space Frame

Space Frame Ceiling

Space Frame Structure
Kharafi Steel's Space Frame System features hollow tubular steel struts inter-connected by solid spherical nodes to form structually reliable 3 dimensional

structures. Each component is unobtrusively secured in place with concealed steel bolts hidden within the cones and collars providing a structurally aesthetically superior joint while eliminating any joint eccentricities. Simple to assemble and versatile in application. Space Frame System allows the fullest expression of architectural creativity. From high domes, arches to steps, the variations are endless.

Kuwait Airport

The versatility of Kharafi Steel's Space Frame System enables it to be used both outdoors and indoors for virtually any project type be it an office complex, factory, hotel, Mall or stadium. With numerous options and finishes available for special applications, you are always at an advantage with Kharafi Steel.


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