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Kharafi Steel is a national leader in the field of steel fabrication. The company has the unique distinction of combining

dual disciplines in steel construction, producing pre-engineered steel buildings and conventional steel structures. However, Kharafi Steel prides itself on its adaptability to meet the client's requirements.

Associating with reputable foreign clients and engineers has elevated Kharafi Steel to a principal operator within Kuwait. Some of the collaborators are:

   VTN Consultants, USA on Entertainment City.
   Project in 1979-1982

   JGC Corporation, Japan on modernization of Mina Ahmadi    Refinery.
   Project in 1983-1984   

   Braun Transworld Corporation (Santa-Fee), USA, modernization    of Mina Abdulla Refinery.
   Project in 1984-1988   

   Bechtel International, USA, Al-Awda/Al-Tameer for Kuwait Oil    Company.
   Project in 1991-1992   

   Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), Japan on Sabiya Power    Station.
   Project in 1996-1997   

   Ansaldo, Italy on Az-ZOur Recarbonation.
   Project in 19995

   Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. South Korea on
   Sabiya Power Station and new KNPC Oil Pier
project in 2002.
Shinwha Engineering & Construction Co. South Korea, on    Petrochemical Complex (KPP)
   Project in 1996
  Snamprogetti, Italy on Petrochemical Complex (Polyethylene).
   Project in 1996
 Trafalgar House Construction International Ltd. England on    Beirut Sports Stadium.

   Doosan Engineering & COnstruction Co. Korea. Desalination    project for MEW in 2001.

   Tecnimont, Italy. Area revamp project phase II for PIC in 2002.

   Krupp, Germany. COnveyor revamp project for PIC in 2002.


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